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Brigitte Stufkens-Geerlings and Sacred Dance

Brigitte GeerlinksPersonal

Brigitte was born on 6-3-1959 in Noordwijkerhout (NL)

Even though she already from an early age loved nothing more than to dance, she completed her education as social worker, where she learned a lot that would prove to be useful in her work as dance instructor. After that, in 1983, she followed the first Sacred Dance instructor course that was given by Friedel Kloke-Eibl, together with Esclarmonde Tuk, in the Netherlands. From 1984 onward she has been teaching Sacred Dance for nearly 30 years now.

Her work as teacher developped quickly: soon she had groups in all the corners of the Netherlands. Quickly followed by courses in Belgium and in centers in France and Spain.

In 1991 she starts a course given by Charlotte Querido, the ‘dancing psychiatrist’, to become a dance therapist. She completes her training in 1993.

In 1996 she forms her own Sacred Dance instructor training, the Flemish School for Sacred Dance (VSSD), in Izegem (Belgium) together with her husband Hein Stufkens.

In 2001 the training moved to Cadzand in the Netherlands, where in the same year she and her husband established a reflection and course centre with the name ‘La Cordelle’. That name refers to Saint Francis, who, together with zen-meditation, is one of her great sources of inspiration.

The VSSD is a three year study, in which Sacred Dance is taught as a way of initiation. As we speak, in the year 2013, there is already a sixth group following the course.

Besides the regular monthly groups Brigitte is also leading the dance on dance days and in courses that take up a single weekend or several days, both in her own centre La Cordelle as in several different locations around the country and abroad. She also maintains excellent ties with Sacred Dance teachers in other countries such as Belgium, Germany, England and Portugal.

As choreographer Brigitte has created over a hundred dances, several of which have come to belong to the regular Sacred Dance repertoire here and abroad (for example her dance of the ‘Cantico delle Creature’ (Canticle of brother Sun) by Saint Francis, with music by Angelo Branduardi).

In her classes she uses her own choreographies and dances by Bernhard Wosien, Gabriële Wosien, Friedel Kloke-Eibl, and other choreographers.

Sacred Dance: meditation in motion

Sacred Dance is a way to awareness and healing.

The dances are mostly simple circle dances, performed on classical or folklore music or religious music (for example music from Taizé, or mantras from east and west). They consist of requisite steps and movements, which are learned along the way and of course repeated often.

The choreography of the dances uses powerful symbols as the circle, the cross and the spiral. Sacred Dance is actually a form of meditation, but than in motion. You could also call it ‘praying with your body’.

This kind of dance is a way that leads to self-awareness, to social consciousness and to the awareness of the larger whole of creation: the great cosmic dance, in which we humans are participating.

If we call Sacred Dance ‘healing’, than this refers to the unique combination of body, spirit and soul, the totality of man, which is addressed by the dance. Through dance we are invited to be present with our full awareness, in the here and now, in every step, in every move.

The courses are both for experienced Sacred Dancers as for novices. In everyone there is a disciple, companion and master to be found. The disciple can experience the presence of the master within him, the master is only truly a master if he can remain a disciple, and together they are companions on the way of initiation of Sacred Dance.

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